Great photos won't make anyone a great athlete, but great photos do make great athletes get noticed! 

My passion for photography began in landscapes and my move into sports photography began by photographing my own son playing baseball and basketball over the years.  I would intently study professional sports photos in print and online to determine for myself what makes a professional shot stand out from the rest and apply my research to my son's photos.  Over the years, as I posted my son's photos on social media, the positive feedback on the quality of my photos was very humbling. Soon other players, parents, and coaches began asking me to photograph them, their kids, and their teams as well.  Realizing the demand for sports photography and the enjoyment that it provided me, I decided to offer my photography to a wider audience, for all to enjoy.  

I truly believe that high quality sports images can help propel a player or team to greatness by instilling confidence in them to succeed beyond their dreams. I don't just take pictures, I tell stories with my pictures that demonstrate players' or teams' grit and determination to improve and compete at the highest level. I love following a cohort of players as they progress in the sport, documenting each step of the way through photography, and creating a beautiful record of their hard earned journey that will last a lifetime.

If you're an athlete who wants to stand out to recruiters, a school or sports organization looking to recruit top talent, or a parent who just wants some awesome photos of your student athlete, I can help you achieve your goals through amazing photography. 

I am a member of the MaxPreps Professional Photographers Network.  View my galleries click here.


-Corey James Davis